New Year 5776 and the Call to Interfaith Understanding

Emile Moatti
“As the jewish people will very soon celebrate our New Year 5776 of the hebraïc calendar, I want to tell you that i hope that we shall reach a time of full cooperation between Jews and Christians, and also Moslems, to be together witnesses of the will of the God -One of the whole mankind. I think that this hope will be made easier if we know to refer together to our common model and “father”, as it has been sometimes formerly:  I mean “Abraham”, the first Patriarch and Prophet of the Bible of Moses, who was ready to welcome any foreigner, whatever he was or believed, at the home of his family, with his wife Sarah, in order to serve him with kindness and love, in the name of the God who has been revealed to him. I think that it is the way to the real and benefit Peace we wish for the whole humanity.”
                                                                     Emile Moatti
    Past Vice-President, and General Delegate in Jérusalem of the “Fraternité d’Abraham”
                                            (juifs, chrétiens, et musulmans – France) 
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Parallel Prayer Initiative in Jerusalem

As we have started our initiative,  we have been happy to see the positive response from individuals and organizational representatives across the Holy Land who want to see us succeed.  Quite a few individuals have expressed their desire for to join us, while others have drawn attention to existing initiatives with similar objectives. One such initiative is called “Pray for Peace,” co-organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and the ACT Palestine Forum.

We are in support of anything that will help cultivate an atmosphere of interfaith peace through prayer, and are happy to support this parallel project.  For more information, please visit “Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land,” and consider support both of our initiatives!